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Head of School: Mrs Sara Moore

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Eco Schools

At Sidmouth, our pupils and staff care deeply about environmental issues and have a strong desire

to actively protect our planet. However, environmental issues such as climate change, biodiversity

loss or plastic pollution are large global issues and the thought of tackling them can be intimidating.

Established in 1994, The Eco-Schools programme provides a solution that empowers young people

to introduce and lead environmental actions and education in their school and achieve an

Eco-school ‘Green flag’ status.


Ten Eco-Schools topics help young people engage with environmental issues that are important to

them and their local community.

They are:










The Eco-Schools programme allows the children of Sidmouth to take control and work on the issues

they are passionate about. After undertaking a School Environmental Review with the help of children

throughout the school, our Eco-Committee has decided that over the next twelve months, we will focus

on three of the ten topics: Energy use, Recycling and Growing School. We hope that by working together,

we will be able to make a difference to the school and the wider community.


For more information about Eco Schools, please visit:

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