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How to get a place at Sidmouth 

Sidmouth Primary School is a Co-operative Trust School that continues to work in partnership with the Local Authority. The school’s Admissions Policy and Arrangements are in line with the Local Authority agreed policy, details of which are given below.


At Sidmouth we follow the Local Authority policy on admissions.

For a place in the F1 (Nursery) please ask for an application form and the relevant information about our offer at the school office on Sidmouth Street/Tavistock Street, Newland Avenue or email

Admission to Foundation 2 (Reception) in September.

Follow the link below for information on applying for a place in Reception.

If your child has brothers or sisters in school make sure that you tick the siblings box in the preference section of the form.

School Admissions Team

2nd Floor, Guildhall,
Alfred Gelder Street, Hull HU1 2AA

Tel: 01482 300 300

Text phone: 01482 300 349


School Appeals

If we are unable to offer you a place at Sidmouth Primary School, please contact the Admissions Department at Hull City Council, who will provide you with an appeal form. Details of how to appeal will be on your appeal form.

Your appeal will be heard within 20 school days of the closing date for appeals by an independent panel arranged locally by the Trust. If you have any queries regarding an appeal, please contact Mrs Harrison on (01482) 342229.

To view the Hull Transition Good Practice Guide, please follow this link:

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