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Head of School: Mrs Sara Moore

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Approach to reading

Reading at Sidmouth

Learning to read is one of the most important skills your child will ever master. At Sidmouth, we know that the ability to read is integral to all aspects of modern life. Reading enables us to communicate, understand ideas, and to think critically and creatively. Only when you can read, can you engage effectively with the world and the people with whom you share the world.

We want your child to enjoy reading and to choose to read independently and with others. For this reason we work hard, alongside The National Literacy Trust and other partners, to ensure our children develop a love of books and appreciate the opportunities that reading provides.

We are determined to ensure that all children learn to read. We will achieve this by:

  • Showing children how enjoyable it is to share reading or listen to a story.

  • Teaching them to read accurately and fluently using a range of strategies.

  • Helping them to understand and respond to what they read using inference and deduction where appropriate.

  • Allowing the opportunity for children to reflect on and discuss what they have read, including the language and punctuation choices made by the author.  

  • Enhancing their understanding of a variety of text types including non-fiction, fiction and poetry.

  • Encouraging them to develop a love of reading and become confident, fluent and independent. 

  • Teaching them how to seek information and learn from the written word.

  • Enabling them to read with confidence, in any subject in their forthcoming secondary education.

  • Intervening to provide support for improving pupils’ Literacy, especially for pupils at risk of underachieving. 


Please read our Reading Policy for further details and do not hesitate to speak to our reading manager, if you require any additional information.