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Head of School: Mrs Sara Moore

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After School Club - Independent club

Physical Foundations Ltd will be running the club from our school starting September 2021 initially for the Autumn term, and will review during that term for the possible continuation depending on club sustainability.

They currently work with us, providing PE teaching and after school PE clubs linked to our PE Sports Premium.

Their offer is as an independent club - run by themselves and not Sidmouth Primary school.

They will use our large hall and an adjacent room in order to support the After school provision.

● The club will run every week day evening between the hours of 15:15-17:30pm

● 2 Qualified Physical Foundations Ltd staff will deliver Sports & Education Activities, Continuous Provision, snacks and refreshments.

● Each evening will cost £10, this is a flat rate for anytime within the session.

● Payments will be made monthly in advance via the Physical Foundations website.  Booking will also be made via this website.  You need to pay at the time of booking and places need to be booked two weeks in advance.

● There are a maximum of 32 spaces available each evening.

 maximum of 32 spaces available each evening.

Extracurricular Clubs

Due to Covid-19,  we will be operating a limited number of extracurricular activities for the time being.  We will update information as the situation changes.

We offer a wide range of clubs, which take place at lunchtime or after school throughout the year.  Often the sports clubs are run in preparation for sports tournaments.   School-run clubs are free of charge.

Clubs are widely available to children in KS2 (Y3-6) and some clubs are offered to children in Years 1 & 2.  A letter regarding clubs is sent to parents at the start of each term to give everyone the opportunity to sign up for the club/s that their child/ren would like to join for the term. Some clubs have limited places.   Please note that we will only send a text/letter if your child has been successful in obtaining a place at the club.  If a club has become oversubscribed and your child has not been allocated a place, they will be added to a waiting list.  They will also be given priority next term if the club continues and if they apply again.

It is sometimes necessary due to unforeseen circumstances to cancel or postpone a session in which case we will alert you as soon as possible by text or letter.