Primary School

Executive Head: Mrs Kath Roe
Head of School: Mrs Sara Moore

Sidmouth Street, Hull, HU5 2JY
Tel: 01482 441152


Additional Learning Resources

History storytime for children with 7 year old Sophie, 4 year old Ellie and their Daddy. Exciting stories of knights in shining armour and their battles. Henry VIII, the Tudors, Romans, World War 2, George Washington, Columbus and more. Even amazing stories of animals in history like elephants, dogs, cats and pigeons. Stirring stories of love and betrayal. Strong women and how they changed 

Click on the HISTORY button above to listen to the stories.

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PE & Physical Activity Home Learning Resources 

With schools now closing due to the coronavirus outbreak we are providing schools with the following support:

  • DAILY Exercise Videos 

  • Fitness Challenge Cards 

  • Wellbeing Resources 

  • Nutritional games and ideas 

  • Home Activity Ideas 

  • Weekly Food and Excercise Log 

  • Active Family Games

Physical Activity will also play a huge part in ensuring children children have a good a positive mental outlook. Therefore if schools close we will be uploading a daily home exercise video that children, and adults, an easily follow at home. 

How can I access these resources?

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