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Welcome to the Sport Page

Welcome to the Sports page. Here you’ll be able to see all of the different sporting events held at our school along with general news and advice on school sport.

Latest News

Atheltics Event at Costello


Brilliant performances from our Year 6 Athletics Team

On Wednesday our children competed against 19 other primary schools. They all performed exceptionally well winning two gold medals, 1 silver and 3 bronze.

Ellie                              Gold Medal Winner     Standing Long Jump

Jake                              Gold Medal Winner             Boys Relay Team

Luke                              Gold Medal Winner      Boys Relay Team

Ali                                  Gold Medal Winner      Boys Relay Team

Adrian                          Gold Medal Winner      Boys Relay Team

Isabel                            Silver Medal Winner    600M

Luke                              Bronze Medal Winner 600M                       

Adrian                          Bronze Medal Winner 75M              

Aseel                            Bronze Medal Winner  Girls Relay Team

Amelka                        Bronze Medal Winner  Girls Relay Team

Isabel                                       Bronze Medal Winner  Girls Relay Team

Yasmeena                   Bronze Medal Winner  Girls Relay Team


Congratulations also to Ellis who performed brilliantly in the Vortex Throw.





 Up and Coming Events

Tigers Trust news…

This October half-term, the Tigers Trust have organised a holiday course involving various sports and activities at Cavendish Primary. For more information visit the Tigers Trust website

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