Sidmouth Primary After School Club
Held at the Foundation Unit, Lambert Street.
The After School Club caters for 3-11 year olds.
It runs from 3-6pm on weekdays, providing quality childcare and is based at our Foundation Unit on Lambert Street.
For more information please telephone 01482 342544.

Breakfast Club– Held at Sidmouth/Tavistock Street Site and the Foundation Unit, Lambert Street.
A breakfast club runs each morning from:
Sidmouth/Tavistock Street –
7:45am—Start of School
Foundation Unit, Lambert Street –
8:00am—Start of School
All children are welcome to attend. (£1.20 per day or more than one child 95p each, which includes breakfast. Childcare only provision is available at a reduced, good value price)
*Children can only attend the Breakfast Club at the site where they attend School.