Sidmouth Primary School School Councillors
Miss Hyde runs and organises school council meetings.

What is a school council?
A school council is a group of children (2 children from each class) who are elected to represent the views of all children within the school. They aim to improve the school and help to organise events throughout the year, for example: Children in Need and Red Nose Day.
Our school councillors are elected by their peers. Children who would like to become a school councillor present a manifesto (reasons why they would make a good school councillor) to the rest of their class. Once all of the children have presented their manifestos, the class then decides who they would like to vote for. A class ballot is held at the start of the academic year and each child has 2 votes . The two children with the most votes are then elected as the class school councillors for that academic year.

What makes an effective school council?
At Sidmouth Primary School we pride ourselves on having an effective school council. The reasons for this are:

  • We have regular meetings
  • We have an agenda of what we would like to discuss at each meeting
  • Good communication between representatives and their class
  • The younger members of our school council ‘buddy up’ with our older school councillors to gain experience and receive additional support.
  • Minutes are taken from each meeting and all of the discussion points are taken forward from each school council meeting and followed up effectively.

Our school council works extremely hard throughout the year and has been excellent in organising the charity events which take place in school, for example, Children in Need, Red Nose Day and Sport Relief. The children assist in the promotion of the events and in the selling of the merchandise, baking, etc to their peers during break/lunchtimes.